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March 19, 2023

do cardan and jude sleep together

Cardan was the sixth and youngest child of the High King Eldred. Jude is done being someone else's pawn. Their relationship remains rocky while Locke is involved with Jude because of Cardans suppressed feelings for her. All he did was beat Cardan when he wasn't behaving. The passage leads to King Eldreds room. On the night of the masquerade party, Cardan seems like he's drunk and was poisoned by Balekin with wraithberry. She then lobs serpent Cardan's head off and he comes out of the serpent naked and covered in blood. In The Queen of Nothing Madoc reveals to Jude, thinking she is Taryn, that he underestimated her and is proud of what she did to Locke. The Jude and Cardan relationship is in the early stages. Jude fumbles "into what I think is the right position. Cardan's speech was nothing but a riddle that Jude was too blinded by her anger to figure out. Someone tries to betray the High King, murder. Check out our recap list for more recaps. And that it is worse because she believes otherwise. When Jude freezes, Cardan immediately lets go and tells Jude they don't have to, though Jude stops him and tells him she needs a few minutes. They fall in love." Does Cardan confess to Jude? I spent much of my life guarding my heart. He tells her to go verbally relent to Cardan and then go jump off a building to kill herself. Cardan agrees. She brought her hands to his cheeks, gently pulling him back to her. Jude says shell make him pay for attacking her. [1] At the prince's first presentation, the High King asked the Royal Astrologer, Baphen, in front of an audience to pronounce the young prince's future. Jude doesnt stay put for long. Cardan does everything he can to get Jude back. But when you were gonetruly gone beneath the wavesI hated myself as I never have before.Cardan to Jude, Its you I love, he says. The Folk of the Air series Cover made by an extraordinary artist whose name I don't know I am not Holly Black, the tfot. Jude orders everyone out to find out why Cardan sent for her. He comes to Cardan to ask to have his exile lifted. Balekin tries to tell everyone that Jude poisoned the king, using the poison he gave to her as proof. Prince Dain "loosed the arrow . When Cardan finds out Jude killed Balekin, he exiles Jude from Elfhame to the mortal world until the crown pardons her. When Madoc talked to Taryn about his conversation with Locke he told her that Locke informed him that as Madoc knew, the Folk are changeable people, but he'd still like to take Taryn as his wife. Contact for content you want removed. She turned back to Cardan, half asleep beneath the coverlets beside her. Vivienne, Taryn, and Heather arrive. She goes to the Lake of Masks alone. Justin tries to kill Madoc but is killed instead. Hopefully, Holly Black gives us a fluffy novella or a bonus chapter of Cardan and Jude being stupid at Target. Judes plan is for Asha to pass this fake information to Balekin, so that Orlagh will know that Oak will be at the wedding. Madoc hears this, and now knows that she is able to command the king. The room is a wreck. Taryn and Jude are identical twins and share long, red-brown hair, described to be the color of a willow tree, and softer features in comparison to the fae, such as their heart-shaped face. 13 jurdan, please, with a tipsy Jude and a sleepy Cardan? Although, their warnings are a tad too late. After the Seafolk leaves, the Living Council meets once again to try and figure a plan to stop Madoc. It's pushin' me harder, it's pushin' me harder. Grima Mog comes up to Jude and asks if Madoc should be chained up. haha). They meet with her, and she threatens to go to war with them. She is said to be fearsome and no man can stay three nights in her chamber. Balekin informs Cardan that he is supposed to make him a proper Prince of Elfhame. When she wakes again, she is alone. Following this, Cardan recalls that being a serpent was like being in the dark, he couldn't reason and his only feelings were hatred and the desire to destroy. "Please?" Taryn and Locke got married and took vows the Faerie way with no one around. Taryn was revealed to be working with Madoc after she impersonated Jude in front of a sick Cardan. Cardan is Taryn's brother-in-law, as he is married to Jude. Five months after The Cruel Prince ended, Jude is now worrying that her time to control Cardan is almost at an end. Meanwhile, Jude must trust her feelings and Cardan not to betray her. Locke sneaks a note into Taryn's bag, asking if she would meet him outside her window at night. Cardan becomes jealous of Jude begins to have feelings for Cardan. He kept talking as if he could talk Taryn out of her own feelings. Jude then begins to tease Cardan with begging as he had imagined in Hollow Hall. No reason to scorn the town, no reason to get up in the morning. Jude agreed, recalling how he wanted to know if Taryn loved him enough to let him court Jude while she stood by, silent and suffering. The boy reverses the magic but Heather is still upset and wants to leave. fairies. (The Cruel Prince, pg. At first, Jude plans to use the bridle, but then she realizes that Cardan would hate to be trapped and that it was unfair for Jude to call it love. How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories, Characters who appeared in The Cruel Prince, Characters who appeared in The Wicked King, Characters who appeared in The Queen of Nothing, Characters who appeared in The Lost Sisters, Characters who appeared in How The King Of Elfhame Learned To Hate Stories, Characters who were mentioned in The Stolen Heir. Like Jude, I found myself worried about Cardan but I was ready to accept the consequences of her decision. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. She is outwardly more meek and submissive than Jude. Cardan's gaze never left her. Vivi erases Heathers memory of the last half an hour. Asha says that a witch told Eva that her child ould become a great weapon. Jude rolled over on the bed, the light comforters beneath her made her feel as if she were floating. Later, at the Summer Tournaments mock war, Prince Cardan mocks and provokes Jude and she begins to viciously fight him. Jude hated Cardan for being spoiled, threatening her and her sister, and being self-centered. The Folk of the Air Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. The Bomb mistakes Jude as the assassin and shoots at Jude. How did the High King of Elfhame learn to hate? But it's yours. im trying to work my way through them the best that i can, so with any luck, therell be more writing coming your way soon :D. in the mean time, i have an ungodly amount of memes & textposts in my drafts (no really, i have 72) so if i ever say that im out of content, im lying. Jude agrees to do this. Some were contributed by fellow readers, and a lot were written by the fantastic Recaptains team. 36 Kudos: 199 She plans to find Grimsen and have him make a crown for Oak. Jude starts to plan how to get back into the Faerie Realm. Madoc comes before the Courts and tells Cardan that he is unfit to rule, demanding that Cardan gives him the crown to be the ruler. This is when was she noticed that there was a jeweled letter opener on the desk, which she used to stab Locke in the throat, killing him. Not you, he says in a way that sounds a little like a lament. Dulcamera arrives and calls in a favour from Jude. The tale goes that there was a boy who said awful things to everyone. Cardan confesses some of his feelings, making Jude speechless. Later, when Cardan and The Roach come to aid Jude in escaping Madoc's camp, it is mentioned that Taryn, along with Vivi and another friend, come to help. She says if he tries to undermine her again, shell kill him. Cardan and Jude are now the hotitcouple of Elhame, but their bubble is burst by boring old Madoc trying to take the crown. She goes to extreme lengths to gain power. The finale to the New York Times bestselling Folk of Air trilogy, that started with The Cruel Prince and The Wicked King, from award-winning author Holly Black. Vivi notices that Jude is injured and Jude asks her not to tell anyone in case their father was the one to send the attackers. His life, his freedom hung in the balance. Madoc told Taryn that he found Locke to be unworthy of both girls. Jude runs to him, and Cardan embraces her before pulling away as knights approach him with a clock. Overall, I enjoyed The Queen of Nothing. Unfortunately for Orlagh, Jude still cant be clamoured. Taryn told Jude that when she was with Locke she felt like the hero of the story, but when he wasn't there things didn't feel right. Later, when Jude sneaks into Cardans room, he pulls her into bed beside him and apologizes for how he treated her. The kiss to Jude feels dangerous, even as Cardan kisses her harder. Jude frees him and they are married. Jude asks if the old woman who grabbed Jude in the prison can give false information on Oak and therefore protect him from Orlagh. Jude doesnt have much time to react because Ghost arrives and tells Jude that Orlagh took Balekin from the prison tower. Spending their early youth together, reading poetry to one another, they became lovers. CNN . He then abruptly stops visiting her. I spent much of my life guarding my heart. He did it because he has a bigger plan, my intuition screamed it the moment it happened. Cardan is unable to forgive Nicasia for her betrayal, treatment, and kidnapping of Jude, but feels sorry for her towards the end of the books. I guarded it so well that I could behave as though I didnt have one at all. Jude tells Cardan to seduce Nicasia to find out more about Queen Orlaghs plan. (LogOut/ At the ball, Cardan and Jude make their way to the great hall and are greeted with many kisses. But he does everything in his power to When Taryn, Jude, and Cardan were all in a carriage, Cardan asks Taryn about human candies. Jude finally lifted her eyes to him. The two get along well and Heather was even invited to Taryns wedding to Locke. Cardan possesses a slim, nearly hairless tail with a tuft of black fur at the tip which is often kept tucked away in the back of his shirt. The tavernkeeper tells the boy that there is a baron who wants to marry off his daughter. For example, they have different work timings and do not want to disturb each other while they leave for work. Cardan said Jude was suffering in Taryn's place and that if she knew why, she would stop fighting Cardan and back down, but Taryn couldn't tell Jude. healthmdsearch.com is a search engine, the content on the site has been added by users and is not controlled by us. cardanxjude. Vivienne objects, saying Jude is still weak, but Cardan says the Living Council wants to talk to her. Dulcamara suggests that she could become part of Judes personal guard. She says if he tries to undermine her again, she'll kill him. Mine has been full of dull conversations about how my head is going to find itself on a spike." Navigating the constantly shifting political alliances of Faerie would be difficult enough if Cardan were easy to control. King Cardan is furious at her betrayal, as he does not want to be High King, but still appoints Jude as his seneschal while also telling her that he has not yet forgiven her. They tried to support each other and were very close. Asha is still in her cell. She also notices that Locke is limping, which means that he was one of the people who attacked her. She begs Jude to pretend to be her since Taryn can not resist the glamour that would be placed on her, and she didn't want to be found out. But if a man succeeds in doing so, he gets the daughter's hand and dowry. Jude later sees that Cardan secretly took her ring and he now wears it on his pinkie finger. "I can't." Cardan used his seductive talents on Jude instead, asking her if that was how he should seduce Nicasia and they end up in bed together, though what happened after that is unclear, however Jude said that they didn't go all the way. Though Dain didn't much help Cardan. He says someone tried to kill him,and Jude reckons the would-be assassin escaped through a secret passage. Orlagh and Nicasia reveal that Grimsen is working with them (is anyone surprised?) Change). They fight and Jude bleeds out in the snow, but thanks to her sister, and some magic she lives. Jude ties Cardan to a chair and waits for other members of the Court to show up. One time, Taryn told Jude that she hated her a little for being witness to her humiliation with the Gentry. Taryn looks up to Oriana and aspires to be like her. Heres our recap of what happened in The Wicked King. The Court of Teeth attempts to bridling the serpent but don't succeed. Jude then urges Cardan to take the Roach back to the Bomb for treatment. Balekin then motions for a mortal slave, Margaret, to come. Grima Mog was with Cardan when they found Randalin in the room yelling at Jude. Jude sees that Taryn is wearing the lost earrings. Cardan asks for Nicasia to be brought to the Council meeting. You never break.. He then said that he found Judes mortal beauty unique, meaning that even though she's a mortal, she was still very beautiful, which alarmed and "shocks" him due to the fact that in faerie, humans are regarded as low creatures in comparison to the Fae. Jude frees him and they are married. Taryn asked Jude to speak with Cardan about revoking Locke's new title of Master of Revel and explained how Locke craves dramatic experiences, and as Master of Revels he can create stories. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Taryn starts to notice Locke looking approvingly at Jude and complimenting her out loud. Balekin does not immediately seize Cardan as he now knows the importance of a willing participant in a coronation. As Queen, she is therefore part of the crown, and could have pardoned herself anytime she wanted. If you cant find what you need, you can request a recap from us! As Jude is getting ready, Cardan advises Jude to lie to the Lowe Courts to make them believe that the High King will triumph over Madoc. Cardan does not take his obligations seriously, leaving Jude to do all the work as his seneschal. As Jude sat up, the shirt that she wore to sleep every night, slid back down to her hips. Taryn later tells Jude that the only reason he was so interested was because he wanted to impress her [Jude]. Taryn is learning that her position in society is not as important as her family. Cardan gets information on Orlagh and her plan to attack during Taryns wedding. He wasn't there when Prince Balekin slaughtered the royal family, but Jude Duarte found him drunk under a table after the revel continued as if the killings never happened. All readers who never let Jude fool them about her feelings: Woke. While shes here, Jude continues to act as her sister and learns that Madoc has the Ghost prisoner. Cardan has been learning how to pickpocket from the Roach. "Jude and Cardan had a tangible reminder; that they were thought of, that they were loved, that they were safe.". Ghost and Vulciber are working with Orlagh and they betray Jude. During The Queen of Mirth, Cardan publicly states how Jude's face often plagues his dreams and how she was often featured in his nightmares. Saying that it will draw out and contain the toxins. Jude brushed the backs of her fingers along his cheek, feeling his cool skin against her own and brushing the curls out of his eyes. Cardan later came to Madocs camp to rescue Jude. I finally decided to read the lunar chronicles after it was recommending to me on my blog ages ago. Just before she left, Taryn gave Jude a knife and made her promise not to do anything rash. The two get carried away and end up passionately kissing each other. Madoc warned Taryn that this means that she would not find him particularly constant. Jude admits to killing Balekin and as punishment, Cardan banishes Jude from Faerie. Locke and Taryn then start meeting. At one point, hed stopped to spin her in his arms. Jude gives him one of her tears as payment. Later on, Cardan is drunk and finds out that Nicasia left him for Locke, Jude mocks him and Taryn is seen gripping Jude's hand so tight her nails begin to dig in. High King Carden and High Queen Jude succeeded Cardan's father High King Eldred. All he does is drink, party, and pretend to be High King. The boy was bathed and readied to meet the baron's daughter. (LogOut/ Sunlight peaked in through the curtains, the room turning golden with morning sun. Edir is a musician who admires Taryn. As a prince of Faerie, no matter what he wants, he knows what's expected of him. THE BOOK. When Jude confronted Taryn about Locke, Taryn told her that she wanted to tell her but she couldn't because Locke said if she could endure it would prove her love and it was all part of a test. Cardan is first seen when Jude comes into the court as Taryn. Summary. One foot in front of the other. Jude leaves his plea unanswered, "Get up" she says. Gasp as our bodies slide together. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Great review. The monarchs have a special magical connection to the land. He is described as more beautiful than the rest of the Folk by Jude. They summon Jude, and tell her they want to advise Cardan as theyre his council and hes refusing to come to meetings. He tells her the exile was a trick. Jude recovers in Cardan's room, and she awakens a few times to her husband watching over her but is too sleepy to communicate. Part of her resents her twin for drawing so much negative attention to them, however, Taryn can be just as manipulative and ruthless when her place in Faerie is threatened. Edir, a faerie Taryn meets earlier in the books writes a song about her in which he sings that her aspect is mortal but her beauty divine. Later, Jude asks Cardan to seduce Nicasia so they can get information on what her mother is planning. Taryn tells Cardan that she will stay in the castle until Jude is safe. Mother Marrow is there, and offers to trade Judes earrings for a walnut with a dress inside it. You say whatever bullshit you want and I just say no.Jude to Taryn in The Queen of Nothing. Summary In Chapter 17, Jude momentarily wakes to find Cardan tending to her. The old woman is Lady Asha, Cardans mother. Aslog then decides to tell Cardan a story. Jude agrees because she lacks other ideas. Jude tells Cardan about Balekins wish to meet with him but Cardan refuses his demands. She tells them that she wants the three of them to leave Elfhame and move in with Heather. They plan on returning to the mortal world in a few days, but Jude convinces them to stay a while longer. Making one for Jude. In the end, Jude and Taryn reconcile as they will always be sisters. In The Queen of Nothing, the long-anticipated romance between Jude and Cardan finally, finally, FINALLY spreads its wings and bears fruit (those two metaphors dont make any sense together, do they? This Study Guide consists of approximately 64pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - Regardless of their different personalities, Taryn and Jude tried to look out for one another when they were brought to Elfhame by Madoc as children. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Alas, the lovers are interrupted by a commotion in the hall. His heart of stone stopping him. King Eldred was very neglectful. Balekin moved Cardan in with him in Hollow Hall, thinking that he could change Cardan. He's admitted that he's so good at guarding his heart, he can act as though he doesn't have one. When Cardan finds out Jude killed Balekin, he exiles Jude from Elfhame to the mortal world until the crown pardons her. As they got older, their relationship changed and they found themselves at odds more and more often. The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air #1), A Good Girl's Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson, The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Amari and the Night Brothers by B B Alston. I wasn't kind, Jude. queenofnothing headcanons cardangreenbriar +10 more # 4 Jude and Cardan AU in Mortal School by Morrigan Everlandia 3.5K 47 4 Jude meets Cardan when he transfers into her school. Taryn distracted herself by cultivating hybrid roses in the garden, commissioning new curtains, and hosting month-long revels for his friends. Prince Balekin sends Cardan a letter asking him to see him in prison. This would also allow for Cardan to be accepted by the land. Taryn asks Jude to attend her wedding and the sisters make up. Now that the secret is out, both Taryn and Cardans mom warn Jude against catching feelings for Cardan, and Jude starts to believe them. He wouldn't this let go. Cardan is furious with the request, and practices his wiles on Jude instead, asking her if this was how he should seduce Nicasia. Jude and Cardan run and hide. And now I am not sure if either of us knows how to remove it." Reading Queen of Nothing was stressful. Since Jude is a forgiving queen, she vows to free the Ghost but before she can Cardan and the Roach arrive to rescue her. Nicasia was Cardan's former lover and a member of Cardan's original group. Cardan was never particularly close to Taryn. Cardan has an ok relationship with Queen Orlagh while courting her daughter. Do Cardan and Jude sleep together in the wicked king? I am going to shame you with my defiance. She spends her free time training Oak the way Madoc trained her. While Taryn hated Locke being with her sister, she hated how Jude never asked her before going against Cardan. do cardan and jude sleep together. *Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I love this chaotic world and I think Queen of Nothing was a great ending to this series. It was already hard sleeping at night. They think that the Undersea plans to hurt Oak, who is coming to Elfhame for Taryn and Lockes wedding, and take appropriate precautions. Cardan says he will not marry Nicasia, and threatens to imprison her if Orlagh threatens him again. Their relationship ended when Locke was murdered by Taryn. Only out of his spilled blood can a great ruler rise.". If you found our recaps useful, please consider leaving a tip! Jude described her as a floating figure and a living bouquet. According to him, his redeeming quality is that he is no murderer. Afterward, Balekin has a human servant beat Cardan with a belt and tells him that he is "punishing him because he loves him." However, the morning after their secret wedding, Queen Oralagh demands that Cardan punish Jude for murdering Balekin, her messenger between the land and the sea, so Cardan exiles Jude into the mortal realm. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! It struck the mortal through the throat." Jude Duarte and Cardan Greenbriar are husband and wife, as well as the High King and High Queen of Elfhame. However, he does try to help her whenever he can. Cardan reveals that he wanted to prove to Jude that he could be trusted to make good decisions when hes not under her command. They assume it's Jude despite it being Taryn. Thats interesting that so many readers would describe the ending as bittersweet. In Chapter 18, Cardan asks Jude to walk with him. https://philosophy-question.com/library/lecture/read/156816-does-locke-like-jude. She makes him swear to love her till he dies, which means she would be immortal. Cardan used his seductive talents on Jude instead, asking her if that was how he should seduce Nicasia and they end up in bed together, though what happened after that is unclear, however Jude said that they didn't go all the way. When Jude tells them that the Ghost is there, they agree to go with her to get the key from Grimsen. He says he thought Heather would like it because she was admiring his ears earlier. Jude tells Cardan that he shouldnt take it because she doesnt trust gifts from faeries. Jude asks Grimsen to make some jewellery for Taryns wedding gift. Beseeching you to come back. Unknown to Jude, Locke was playing the twins against one another. The first novel features a stem baddie named Cinder who ends up helping repair the Prince's Droid, but that's only the start of the adventure. The monster snapped her teeth at him, and when he didn't show fear, she curled up on the end of the bed. Not a soul on the road, not a star in the sky. Jude realises that she lost the earrings during the attack. He's shocked she can disobey him. Jude goes to the human realm to fetch Vivi and Oak. By June 14, 2022 cold waters weapons guide June 14, 2022 cold waters weapons guide Cardan later tells Jude he loves her and that his heart was hers, but walks out of the room before Jude can respond. She tells him that she'll ask him what he thinks the meaning of the tale is. Jude gets drunk at a revel - Cardan is delighted. Yeah, Jude said, feeling her heartbeat finally settle against Cardans skin. Jude threatens Locke for his antics at the party. In the past, Taryn has taken Judes goodwill and stabbed her in the back with it. He linked their fingers together, and pulled Jude to her feet gently. They then began to kiss, Cardan telling Jude she looks like a knight from a story, possibly filthy. Rather than head to the council, Jude decides that they need to talk about their relationship status first, so they head to the gardens where both dorks confess to having actual feelings for each other. Do you think I can bite my own nose?. Just like Locke. Jude climbs the mountain and gets inside the palace. Theres a court meeting, a smith called Grimsen seeks refuge in Cardans kingdom. Taryn Duarte. ksxhsjd okay this one has been in my inbox for a minute, sorry about that. Jude goes to live with Vivi and Oak in the human realm. She goes outside and tells the other spies she needs time to form her plan. Jude wins her life and a favor from Grima Mog, but once she gets home, she encounters her wack ass twin Taryn. Please?. Jude falls asleep one day during lunch break because of all her late-night antics. Taryn does so, but she also knows the Ghosts real name and uses it to command him to forget his orders from Madoc, thus saving him. The Queen of Nothing (The Folk of the Air, 3) Hardcover Illustrated, November 19, 2019. This book was amazing and I absolutely loved it. Later, when she goes to the palace to tell Cardan that Balekin and Orlagh plan Cardan's murder. The hospitality of knives." (Lost Sisters, 7). The two plan to set up traps for Orlagh during the wedding. Language: English Words: 12,755 Chapters: 6 /? You don't want me dead." Jude herself is a very compelling character but I was dying to know what Cardan was thinking almost every time he was on the page. He says that she is wicked and even wickeder since she does not believe she is. Cardan smiled softly in his sleep, even as his brows furrowed with his wifes drunken antics. Prince Cardan tells her that his father, High King Eldred, hated him and then leads Jude up to the palace floors. He then requests that she frees him from his vow of obedience. Taryn then tells Jude that she is pregnant with Locke's child. Cardan and Balekin have a bad relationship because Balekin is abusive toward Cardan, both physically and emotionally. What did Cardan say, https://faq-blog.com/are-jude-and-taryn-identical. Aslog, however, tells Cardan that the moral of the story is that a sharp tongue is no match for a sharp tooth. Seelie and Unseelie, Wild Folk and Shy Folk, I am glad to have you march under my banner, glad of your loyalty, grateful for your honor. Cardan is embracing his title as king with the girl he loves by his side. What is power law distribution in networks? But to traitors and oath breakers, I offer my queen's hospitality instead. Cardan, wearing Mother Marrow's invincible clock, steps in front of Jude, leaving the Roach to be hurt. The next day, when Prince Cardan was talking to Taryn Duarte and making her cry, Taryn's twin sister, Jude, slams Prince Cardan against a tree and warns him to stay away from her sister. Taryn believes that Locke likes her because she is sensitive and he likes protecting someone. At the feast at Hollow Hall, Prince Cardan walks in with Jude on his arm, shocking everyone. Eventually, Jude discovered that Taryn wasn't willing to give her the same amount of devotion that Jude was willing to give her. There was fatigue written in every line of his face, but when he rounded Judes side of the bed and saw the smile she wore just for him, he smiled, too. Cardan then forces Taryn to kiss his cheek and bargain to never stand up for her sister again. Taryn goes to her sister Vivienne for help, as she does not believe Jude would understand or help her, and Vivi assists her in sending a note back. Heather is Vivis girlfriend who is fond of Taryn. After Judes tournament Why did Cardan write Judes name over and over again? Often. Jude Duarte is a human and the High Queen of Elfhame. And more importantly snake Cardan having a soft spot for his wife while also gobbling up his haters. Baphen predicted that Cardan would be the last of Eldred's children and that he will be the destruction of the crown and the ruination of the throne. His eyes are described as black with a golden ring around the pupils. Jude asks Lady Asha about her mother, Eva. Jude hears crying in the hedge maze and finds Heather, who has been turned into a Hermione Granger-esque cat-person.

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