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March 19, 2023

dr j professional projector won't turn on

The projector powers on with two green lights (power and status) but there is no lamp output at all. The Different Types of Projector Screens (17 Types), All About The Zoom & Throw Ratio of a Projector, Your Guide to the Wonderful World of the Wireless Projector, Projector Keystone Correction and Lens Shift, Learn All About The Projector Contrast Ratio, The Secrets to Projector Brightness Finally Revealed, Learn More About Common Projector Aspect Ratio Examples, 8 Projector Stand Ideas You Can Make Use of, What are Mini Projectors? Hi Time, Im not sure if I buy a replacement lamp, that its the sole problem because of the projector taking its time to register would it try to boot up for a couple of minutes before recognizing that the lamp is done? Thanks, After a few minutes it shuts of and a red light illuminates lamp Is it likely to have blown or another issue? Does that mean the cover for the lense or what? Two possibilities: Did you reset the lamp timer back to zero? Cheers, I have a optima x600. I would also restart your computer because that actually is 90% of the reason a solution works. the short answer is both have been fixed and now run. If youre a gamer or avid movie watcher, definitely go for something that has 720p or 1080p when choosing one of these. https://www.amazon.ca/Replacement-projector-V13H010L67-V11H433020-Projectors/dp/B005FIVJG6 You may have triggered the Bluetooth audio feature by unplugging it. Turn on the projector to display an image. DR.J projector is compatible with TV Box, ChromeBook, PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Blue-ray DVD player, SD Card, USB Flash Drive, Video Games, Media players (Music . The lamp is only 2 months old. The vents may be located in different places depending on which projector you got. Set the primary device as your laptop/desktop PC and secondary device as the monitor/projector. Do not use any harsh chemicals or cleaners on the lens. Disconnect ALL devices from the TV; DVD, Tuner, Cable Box. The issue could be more complex like internal component damage. Learn how your comment data is processed. DE. Feel free to let us know the solution that helped you fix this issue in the comments below. Its very easy to use the Dr J projector. Howerve that does not make sense as it comes on briefly when powered on. Check to see if your printer supports an ECO mode, which can save you lamp life power, and (most importantly) reduce fan noise, overheating, and blockages from the fan. Regards, The higher the brightness the more situations youll be able to enjoy using it. 1. If it works, you may need to replace the batteries. Additionally I know its not the lamps as Ive tested all three to make sure they work which they do. The higher this rating is the more deeply saturated the image will be. Otherwise, set things up so that the computer is set on Duplicate screen mode as indicated above. PC to TV). What to Look for in a Projector? Until its reset the projector thinks the lamp is still old. have removed powercable and tested with other Cable same thing. The projector is shutting itself down as protection against the lamp that is no longer working. If its only 6 months old it should still be under warranty. Or its the lamp. I have ordered a bulb assy but its an expensive experiment. Open the SmartThings app on your phone, and then tap the Devices tab. Regards, Shelagh, I have benq mp 610 Turn on the projector and the iPad. optoma h78 dc3 dlp , worked fine 1 week ago, no warnings, now wont power on at all. This happens with some generics and counterfeits is that they dont have the right components to work with the projector. Hope this helps. This should reset everything as well as the projector lens. If theyre open then the projector wont be able to turn on or show your computer screen. What're some quality projector screen ideas when viewing movies indoors instead of outdoors? Thanks for answer , Hi Josef, Make sure you don't leave any shades open that is letting the outdoor lights in. It's best to let a projector cool down to preserve the life of the bulb so don't unplug it at the wall while it's running. You can right-click the laptops desktop, choose Display Properties, and then select Duplicate display on the dropdown menu. Shelagh. Hello I have a mitsubishi wd-570u and the lights are flashing red & green. Also, check the projectors LED indicators that will flash if the projector is overheating. Anyway, I inserted the new chip and used Artic Silver 5 on the heatsink, re-assembled everything and now the projector wont start No power light and no startup beeps. I have an Optoma hd141x. Good luck. If the LED on the projector is blinking when the projector powers on, then do the following. In any case Im happy I got one working. If youre using a Macintosh computer and dont hear sound from an HDMI device, make sure your iMac or MacBook supports audio through HDMI. $169.99. Power on the devices. I will wait for more info on your model. Other problems could be the color wheel or ballast but these are more rare. So thats good Ive got one up and running. This sounds lke your color wheel or ballast needs to be replaced. Order Status Blog Best Buy Business Franais. How do I know if the projector is working properly? Usually the green light on this model is the indicator for lamp life and when it lights up it time for a new lamp. The projector is reading them as end of life and shutting itself off to protect itself. as an amazon associate, we earn affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases. This will ensure you see a final cost including fees and any coupons available. Those lights are indications that the lamp has reached end of life and the projector is shutting down to protect itself. Chances are the projector starts to work if there isn't any other underlying power or hardware issue. There are a couple of things you can do in order to make your Dr J projector louder. Start off by cleaning it and see if that helps out. If its the same model as the first one, you could try re-using the lamp as long as the first projector lamp is still relatively new. ", The DR J Professional projector is very popular it seems and was upgraded in 2020 and now again for 2021. The second projector I mentioned is now up and running after opening it up and repairing the sensor (the plastic piece that the screw held onto had separated from the roof of the machine so I just super glued it back in place.) This bulb is only about a month old. Regards, Connect the projector to a laptop, computer, or other device using an HDMI cable. Regards, The DR J Professional projector is very popular it seems and was upgraded in 2020 and now again for 2021. Hi Jim, Check the batteries on your remote. Contact the seller and ask for a refund or a more authentic lamp. Check the Room Conditions One of the reasons why your projector is failing to find the right focus could be because of the room you are using the projector in. The manual said that meant the cover wasnt on properly. 4. I think you have the wrong type of HDMI cable so its sending the signal and not being able to process it. Conv. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. After the warranty activation, your product will be covered with 1-year product technical support. This should turn the blinking green light turn to solid green. Good luck. A lamp cover that is loose wont let the projector fully turn on. Cheers, Do the same with the ports. And when i plug it in power shocket and press power button it turn orenge to green and lamp goes on for 3.to 4 sec and after that it automaticlly goes of but fan still running I feared that was the case which is unfortunate. Type the website address into your browser to activate your warranty and be in with a chance to receive a free gift. Shot in the dark here This should give you a brief idea of whether the projector is receiving power. Restart the projector's power supply. Test the HDMI with other devices (i.e. I opened it and cleaned cooler and everything, but its still not turning on I forgot to tell you in the other message: My lamp was still 100 to 200h from needing replacement and there was no lightning or something during that would make it turn off It simply happened. A Simple guide 2022, How to Connect Chromecast to Projector without HDMI (Best Methods) 2022, How to Turn on Promethean Projector without Remote? I would need more information in order to help you. The image mightve been turned off using the video version of the audio mute. Did you reset the lamp timer after replacing the old lamp? You can tell if the projector is working properly by looking at the power indicator light. DR.J Professional 5G WiFi 300" DISPLAY Projector Full HD, 4K Native 1080P 9500Lumens Projector, 120" Projector Screen Included. The control circuits and ICs do warm up (warm to the touch but not hot). The other thing to check is whether the air filter has become clogged. If they are blocked the projector will overheat immediately and turn off as well. Fix them with this tool: If the advices above haven't solved your issue, your PC may experience deeper Windows problems. You can also set the mode to duplicate or mirror by pressing Windows (button) + P then selecting the Duplicate option. The Dr J Professional Projector has a native resolution of 1024768 and a contrast ratio of 2000:1. I have repeated the installation of the projector several times and no luck. I have an Epson 6010 that wont power on at all, no lights or anything. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); ZoomProjector.Com is a participant in the amazon services LLC associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Adjust the Brightness setting too because the picture might simply be blacked out. Hope this helps. You can see why its so popular once you look over the specifications and features. Alright so heres an update on this situation. In any case, check your projector manual for service to identify the problem. We recommend downloading this PC Repair tool (rated Great on TrustPilot.com) to easily address them. Regards, Press MENU or ESC to exit the menu Thanks! If the projector senses the lamp life has reached the recommended hours it will assume the lamp has reached end of life and power down to protect itself. This will keep you from cropping out portions of your screen or projector image. Hi!! It sounds like your installation was done properly. God bless. Shelagh, I have a Epson ex5210 it has been control panel locked but my projector is turn off how to I unlock it so I can turn it on , please help, Hi Kareem, The other day it was plugged in but now powered on, I unplugged it and plugged it back in at a different location in my room, only to find that the projector would not come on. Check out my top recommendations for projectors. The machine has <1000 hours on the lamp, but the original DMD was showing the dreaded white pixels of death, Any opinion would be greatly appreciated, Hi Bob, You could also join our forum (http://www.fixyourdlp.com/forum/) where there are more experts who can help you out. The first try was made when I was in France a few days ago. I have an Acer X1120H. Hi Naveen, Best guide 2022, How to Connect Vankyo Projector to WiFi? Check if its turned on or plugged in properly. Connect the Dr J Projector to your iPhone using the included Lightning cable. Your computer or media device should match the native resolution of your projector. This combination of lights means the lamp cover is loose. The only other thing I can think of is that it might be your ballast wheel that has gone. Also check if your computer is in Sleep Mode itself, if not running in screensaver mode. Its contrast . It is very easy to mount Dr J projector. Thanks in advance. A blinking LED typically means your projector lamp is exhausted. These Optoma models are prone to that. DR. J PROFESSIONAL PROJECTOR SETUP DBOY.ZX10R 505 subscribers Subscribe 2.5K views 6 months ago DR. J PROFESSIONAL PROJECTOR WITH SCREEN: 8500Lumens 5G WiFi Projector, Full HD. This impacts your movie marathon, lesson plans, or your proposal for a brand identity repackaging for your companys top product. There have been no warnings for a lamp end of life and we dont use the projector all that much. Well, youre actually in luck because of the included AV/Composite port. Step 1 Receive and check your product After receiving your product, check everything is as it should be and then take a look at the WARRANTY CARD. If your projector is not turning on, it might be due to basic connectivity issues. Now, Ive seen on other Optoma projectors this means that the lamp cover isnt on correctly but Ive tried with 3 other lamps (two of which were confirmed operational in other projectors of the same model) and as far as I can tell the lamp cover is installed properly. You may need a VGA cable instead of a HDMI one. Sometimes a connection that is not fully engaged can cause this problem. Check for debris and dust. Update Windows 10. What are the benefits of using the Dr J Projector? Hope this info helps. Its usually the next thing to go on a projector. Your notebook or workstation PC might be set to extend your desktop instead of duplicating or mirroring it. This also gives your computer a chance to reconnect to the Wi-Fi. removed and reseated lamp but no luck. If your Dr J projector wont turn on, or if the image is fuzzy, you may need to reset the device. Using the Dr. J Projector is simple. The best part about this product is its low price . Hi Mark, Shelagh, I have a Brookstone big shot UST that is about 7 months old. Is your workstation connected properly to a surge protector and whatnot? professional wall washing. If you are using the Projector remote control to turn on the projector, you may want to check if the batteries have completely depleted. It also comes with a remote control so you can easily adjust the settings according to your preference. Ensure the air filter is securely closed. Press ENTER. Now the real question is whether this projector is right for you, and if so, which model you should buy. If theres no sound and its an HDMI source then set to PCM output your connected device. Just follow these steps: 1. Regards, For the second projector, I would start off checking the air filters are not blocked. Pine . Shelagh, DX399 Optoma Flashing green power light installed new bulb just flashing green power light. The Dr J Projector is also great for gaming. Its Led lamp lifetime was also updated to 50000 hours, making a longer working life (Note: mini projector is supposed to be used in dark environment). and every time I press the power it turns to blue for a second then it will turns to red. Activate your warranty in order to receive 1-year product technical support. First try the re-installation and see how it goes from there. There will be some error on board, Hello Ramprabhu, link to 07 Indoor Projector Screen Ideas of Note. Check your projector manual to check for the project bulb life. The overall performance can provide you with an authentic cinema feeling right in your own home. Dont use blowers or vacuum cleaners on projectors. Select the correct input source on the projector. This website can give you more information: http://www.techlore.com/article/mitsubishi-blinking-green-light-repair-procedure. Hi Hayden, ($125) for an OEM Sylvania. Most of the time, the projector wont turn on the issue is due to a loose connection or faulty power cord. Shelagh, Hi, The optics may have also been burnt with the power surge. Open up the lamp area and check if there is any glass or if the lamp is damaged. The other problem might be that the projector lamp has reached end of life. Projector Not Turning On There are a number of reasons that a projector may not be turning on. Consult your user manual for specific details since this guide only covers general information. Select the Normal Power Consumption setting if there is one. Shelagh. Cheers, Yes, you can plug your Fire TV Stick into the HDMI port on your projector and begin streaming your media. The Dr J Projector is an affordable and easy-to-use projector that is perfect for home entertainment or business use. Thats the final step for replacing the lamp. Ill appreciate if you can help me with some idea on whts going on! I have a 4 year old Optoma HD141X that was handed down from my dad and it has a problem. The fact that you are getting the screen and then its switching off points to the end of life signal being triggered. It has about 800 hrs total on it. Looking online there are a few different models that dont have a very clear naming convention. What is a Smart Projector? I have Optoma HD20. Reset the lamp timer and see if that works in getting that image up. This can be done by simply clicking on the speaker icon located on the taskbar and then adjusting the slider to the right. Lamp Life: 50,000 hours Regards, The lamp you bought may be a counterfeit lamp. Regards, The image will be projected on the screen. The projector still uses Lamps to project the image, and the lamps life can vary depending on the projectors quality. If theres no signal from the display of your projector, you can do the most basic of troubleshooting tips. I noticed that the lamp assembly has a rattle like something is loose if I shake it gently. Your lamp has either reached end of life or been damaged. Shelagh, Hi Eric, Its probably needs to be changed. You will have to take it in for service with a technician if this is the cause. That should unlock the control panel. The first thing you need to understand is how to properly connect the projector to your iPhone. You can also check the lamp hours as the projector may be recording the number of lamp hours left incorrectly. When I try to turn on I can only hear a little sound from inside, which I know is not from its coolers, nothing more. The power button blinks blue slowly when off, and blinks faster when you try to turn it on like its in cooldown mode. The projector will also shut down if the lamp timer says the lamp has reached end of life. Check out HDMI and other cables to make sure they aren't loose or damaged. If the new lamp is still not working then it is counterfeit and not properly calibrated. Did you replace the projector lamp? Some computers require you to push that function button for the monitor or projector in order for the projector to activate. http://www.fixyourdlp.com/2018/02/09/replace-epson-powerlite-pro-6010/ If not, adjust accordingly. Hey Jason. Firm Foundation or Starting Point - You Choose. I plug it into the wall (powercord and plug verified working. If the light is red, then there is a problem with the projector. Or have a professional clean it up for you. As is shown in the above figure, DR. J Professional Projector is slightly brighter and with higher resolusion in comparison of VANKYO Leisure 3 projector. This sounds like your lamp has reached its end of life and needs to be replaced. The power LED flashes 7 times slowly and repeats. I turned it on yesterday and the fans turn on, however the lamp doesnt, then I get a solid lamp light with flashing red (the instruction manual says lamp malfunction). With that in mind, how do you go about fixing the various issues of a malfunctioning projector sans repairman advice? Try doing this: hold the Enter button on the projectors control panel for seven seconds to unlock. One night suddenly while connected to a PC it quickly cycled through every color of the spectrum then shut off. These are three simple ways how to make your Dr J projector louder. Repeat the above steps as necessary to dial in the image to your screen. Shelagh. I will ask one of my experts about this and get back to you. This repeats 3 times before the red lights appear. If your Epson projector turns on again, the procedure worked. Another thing you can do is to connect your Dr J projector to an external speaker. If the USB display function is in use, activate the output audio from your projector settings in the projector app on your computer. Very sorry. However, the DrJ projector does still support 1080p sources, which I'll talk more about below as that may get confusing. Reset your projector settings using the Reset menu of your control panel when all else fails. Regards, Our projector wont turn on or anything. Match the resolution of the projector with the resolution of your laptop or desktop PC as well as your Blu-Ray or DVD player. Check that the MUTE feature was not accidentally turned on. I do think you may be onto something with the damaged ballast or PSU though. Hi Tim, This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Simply unplug the power cable from the electric supply, wait for a few seconds, and plug it back in. The projector is only 1 year 8months. If there were and they were ignored the projector has shut down to protect itself. For example, there are separate methods of troubleshooting for fixing a projector that doesnt power on, locks up, reports a bulb error, has video quality problems, and fan noise issues. Once I hooked it, the image has a deep green discoloration on it and theres a weird smell of something burnt / burning. Privacy Policy. Because the lamp timer is letting the projector know that the lamp has reached its end of life, the projector will not turn on until the lamp is replaced. Call MR. SMITH. You just need to connect it to your computer or laptop via HDMI cable and youre good to go. You can use the arrow buttons to adjust the size of the image. Press your notebook PCs FN key along with the monitor function button to activate the projector. Now lets go over what you can plug into the projector as thats another big deal, right? It is an obvious step, but check the power cord if you havent tried it. You can replace them and its not difficult for someone technically inclined. If you just want something simple to jump into using a projector for the first time, consider the P68 model. But nothing happens next, no sound, fan is not powering up, bulb is not working as well. I cannot get any light/screen/menu/anything to come on so that I can troubleshoot. Once done, your iPhone will be connected to the main system of the projector. How do I adjust the focus of the projector? Can you reset a lamp timer without the projector turning on? You might have the incorrect input. Sometimes this helps but the lamp could also have been damaged if the projector gets moved around a lot. Regards, The bulb and temperature indicator lights are just blank. If your projector image has already started producing those colorful dots and lines, you can keep things from worsening by observing proper cleaning habits. It is the simplest yet the most impactful solution. Regards, Your projector might have overheated, resulting in a shutdown. Shelagh. Those are some important questions well have to cover so youre more well-informed. Make sure it is unlocked and has the latest iOS version installed. Latest Projection Technology Makes DRJ Home Projector More Excellent. Shelagh, I have a Mitsubishi wd92a12 and just replaced the lamp on it. To change the resolution setting of your PC, right-click the desktop and select Properties. Regards, Fill in the simple form now to protect your Drjprofessional -branded product under Drjprofessional 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee (including return shipping). It should be placed in a location where there is no direct sunlight and the area around it is dark. Let me know what happens with the second projector. After attempted power on the power light begins flashing in cycles of 7. Regards, The rating on the Dr J projector is between 3,800 and 8,500 lux lumens, depending on the model, which should allow you to make use of the device in several different lighting cases. How old is the projector lamp. If you havent reset it to zero hours the projector will think the current lamp is the old one that has run out of life. Power cycle or restart the devices and then turn them back on in case its a VGA connection and you cant plug & play the projector with your computer. In any case Ill continue to do my own research into the issue but if youve seen this before or know whats going on I would appreciate it. Select YES and press ENTER. Things to Consider Before Buying. A wide range of input options that make it easy to connect to a variety of devices. Unplug Power Cord and Plug the Projector Again. If you have an Apple iOS type of device, then an MD826AM/A adapter is called for. Its all about the resolution and year of the projector. Regards, Regards, The projector is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport. Hello, got a epson eh-tw6000w that only shows blue blinking (warmup) when trying to turn it on, it hasnt been used for two years and has not been running for more then 100hours Before that.

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