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March 19, 2023

octonauts fanfiction pregnant

Coco gets sucked into life in the crew when she least expects it. UwU enjoy! Sarabi mentions that she often had to cook her own meals because of her mother's neglectfulness. Peso told him and Dashi that they should sleep. Shellington: I should give Dashi a cookie. P.S: Make sure to tell us if we're pressuring you too much. The dogfish shark featured in the eponymous chapter is named Lydia, after the species name. The Captain looked tired himself. Enjoy! [He blushes.] They shocked Barnacles awake and made him laugh. Shellington and Dashi get the fancy penthouse room! Because I will eliminate Captain Barnacles myself. 1. Barnacles told Tweak "I haven't slept for weeks. He surveyed the chaos in shock, then saw Dashi with an unconscious Tweak in her arms. The crew started to tell him "Cap, we're sorry. Chapter Two. We'll try again tomorrowJuliana: Aww! The ending disclaimer reveals that these "identity crises" refer to the fact that he's a trans man; he used to be female for a time until he became male. I got out of bed and walked to the door. Mine was Medical Medicines, Kwazii's was, Natural Nautical Remedies. I hope you all like it! Or will he give up and go home? I do not own the Octonauts. Also any incorrect quotes and stuff. She was filled with dismay at the scene before her. Dashi held her friend close. She reached up and put her hand on the button that allowed her to contact the Octonauts. So her name is "Fox Fox". Her head was throbbing now and her paws were raw and exhausted from making all those suits. Barrot: Buck speeggmkontuse: [Translation: Yes I will]Shellington: Perfect then! Yesterday, I had a glass shard shot into my stomach. About 3 months later Barnacles regained consciousness. He knows everything about medicine, but write it down just in case. Peso came in to check on Barnacles and noticed the cut on his wrist was healed. Dashi: I'm okay Tweak. Tweak: Same thing! Don't let me down. Inkling shouted. Deborah was born a few months before Sarabi. We forgot a flower girl, ummmBarrot I know you're a boy but you can be a flower boy! He says this while pulling out his sword and swims toward the Octopod. Hurry and make the elixir before it's too late." Peso rushed into the playroom and gasped when he saw the puddle of blood next to Barnacles's paw. Barnacles has a bad dream. Tweak:I do! Tweak was up early next morning, all the other Octonauts still fast asleep in bed. Shellington: Fine! Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. So I turned on my old nintendo, hoping that the noise would wake Kwazii up. I feel better already. This is a human Octonauts story, since those seem to be so popular. It says that in your files too. Though as no no knows, two witches have been born into this world of magic. Everyone was like "Oh my gosh! Peso gets swept away by a Tsunami while on a mission on a deserted island. this is when Shellington gets nightmares. She prepared the Gups and oiled all the motors, then as the others came down ready to go out, she quickly ate a few carrots that would keep her going for a while. It seemed like just a normal day for the Octonauts. Inkling: Into there! His mind always filled curiosity of the ocean around him. The Captain came up to her. When Barnacles looked at her she gasped at the condition Barnacles was in,finally noticing how tired he looked. You're really burning up!" How will she handle all the new challenges that come with becoming a crewmate and even finding love? Sarabi's mother. Usually, Dashi was quick to spring into action, but for the next week after she had discovered she was pregnant, Shellington began to realise she was becoming noticeably less and less energetic. You're to write him an apology note to make it up to him!" This will have absolu After a terrible tragedy, the Octonauts begin to fall apart. She was lucky to have such good friends. I do not own the Octonauts. Inkling tells her he won't because he's such a, Another example involving "The Undersea Twister": It's said that David and Pamela were afraid that. Elekai referring to authority figures only as "sir" or "ma'am". Kwazii Cat: It seems like you guys.. ARE IN LOVE! Junior Officers is an Octonauts Fan Fiction released on August 15, 2020notetechnically, the first chapter, an introduction to the characters, was published in January of that year, but August 15th is when regular chapters began being published. What secrets do they keep? So Shellington came along, and Kwazii began leaving me alone. Dashi [blushing]: Thanks for caring, Shellington! He was home at last! Inkling: What's going on Dashie? Peso, and Dashi are using the gups to transport supplies from the Octo-port to the Octo-repair station. All octonauts and vegimals: Woo hoo! The titular junior officers are: Elekai Echidna, the serious son of a soldier. For the first time she realized how tired Tweak looked, the dark circles under her eyes. But, the farther down the group ventured into the tunnels, the more narrow they got. And his fever grew even higher as his heartbeat grew slower. Then when the crew was about to go on a mission for three days on the Ganges River, Barnacles finally decided to admit it saying "Guys, I've beenpoisoned by a snake." The daredevil cat with a mysterious pirate past. He was asleep, but the hole in his stomach wasn't there anymore and he was no longer attached to an IV. (Meanwhile)Tweak: I know i'm a tomboy type of rabbit but I know how to make you rock that wedding dress Dashi! Inkling: My name is NOT Inkers! He thanked us for our effort but said that he had already read every medical book in the library, and he was already doing most of those things. (Kwazii: But we didn't mean to.) Quiet! Margaret proceeds to. Barnacles: Professor InklingProfessor Inkling: Inkling here CaptainCaptain Barnacles: I know you don't go out on missions but could you please come and help? Curse me and my autistic butt. Inkling: Oh my! Just random headcanons I came up with for the Octonauts. And he took Barnacles to the Sick Bay. Come to the launch bay as fast as you can. After Barnacles finished his extra large workload for the day he flopped onto his bed and sighed heavily. Parts of his mouth were stuffed with gauze from where hed just had his wisdom teeth removed. The rest of the crew decided that Barnacles was more of a servant/butler than a friend causing him to become really really really exhausted. Then when he got into the HQ he had a lot of work piled on his computer. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life. We went up to sickbay and gave peso our notes. Juliana: Oh What? OF COURSE I WASN'T GOING TO BE FINE! Kwazii: Yeow! Tweak and Shellington. The baby Queensland lungfish: Rex, Leroy, Candace, Gina, Kimberly, and then Himeko and Orla. Kwazii: OhI have no idea?? We were working without paying attention, and we accidently made the marshmallow dispenser go haywire. Some chapters render Kwazii's Cockney accent and/or Shellington's Scottish accent in this way (i.e "no" becomes "noo"). Dashi out!). He did however say that he hadn't tried to coconut milk medicine. Inkling: Good morning Shellington! Tweak flopped down on her bed, sighing heavily. Dashi: What's going on? Sandy (Octonauts) Hugo (Octonauts) Witch's have been wiped out for 3 decades. Tweak sat next to her poor friend and asked him if he was all right and he replied he was so exhausted he couldn't stand and/or walk. He asked if we would be willing to go collect the ingredients for it. We both said the same thing at the same time, On It!!! This would be a whole night's work, she knew it. Yesterday, I had a glass shard shot into my stomach. I found out my mom called the new company, telling them I was all for technology and picture taking. She just thought barnacles would just shake her hand or just hug her. From "Even the Best Fall Down Sometimes": "It Was Only a Kiss" elaborates more on Deborah falling under the. [ Kwazii takes out his iPod Touch and records them kissing] I GOT IT,YES!!!!!!!!!!!! "The Short-Nosed Sea Snake" shows that way back when the Octonauts were a relatively new team, Barnacles (then nineteen) was the youngest. We follow Peso as he reluctantly joins the crew of the octopod. Everyone: Yes! Juan: Awesome! The title says it all- Octonauts one-shots! What happens when the Octonauts aren't exploring, rescuing, or protecting? and our "NO WAIT I ALSO LOVED YOU TOO!" Shellington: Yes. And why is he so pudgy? Peso: We are staying at Maui's fanciest hotel! Peso was checking Tweak over when Dashi arrived. Please consider turning it on! Also Barnacles obviously wasn't well. If we had just realized," "It's OK. Don't make me laugh. Of course it was true, I was the smallest out of my whole family. Today, Dashi is leading us all on an expedition of another cenote and the caves connected to it. . I honestly didn't feel good. Do you need something to eat? I knew it! [Kwazii laughs,too.] So he detached Barnacles from his drip and helped him walk into the HQ and sit in a chair. You saved meShellington:As long as you're safe, I'm okay! From now on we'll all work on the Gups, not just you. She sighed but before she can walk away barnacles kisses tweaks check quickly and says "Tweak.. *notices the color change in the wound* This doesn't look good." Shellington spends the majority of the Kelp Forest arc in bed with stomach flu. The venom will make me sick. (Runs to the HQ)Barnacles: Calling all octonauts! When they went into the medical tent they gasped at the condition Barnacles was in saying, "Oh no! Barnacles's fur was bone white and he had bags under his eyes with a dark violet bite mark on his wrist with Peso holding his paw with bags under his eyes and his breathing was shallow. Shellington: Alright let's go then! Inkling: Well it does say that a person of god should do it, so I got a degree as a bishop! Shellington POV: I shivered as I drank it. Tweak: YES CAP YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dashi, what's wrong?" How low. Hold up, you revealed it?? (In the hallway)[Dashi and Shellington hold hands not paying attention to what's in front of them] [Tweak bumps into Dashi]Dashi: Whoa! Why have you not given us anything from the Octonauts? She knew that the other Octonauts would be coming back soon, so she went up to the HQ where the Vegimals were preparing fish biscuits and kelp cakes. Dashi: I Dashi, take you, Shellington, to be my husband. Tweak has recently made a new invention called the fish food generator (lol idk) with a simple push of a button the user can make fish food appear out of nowhere but whe yeet fanfiction!!!!! Cause if you are,I'll post you kissing on the internet. We're sorry we overworked you. Sometimes, the Vegimals' language is rendered as childish versions of English phrases. "That was great! Shellington: Wait a minute! Dashi's Little Space part 4. Well be home shortly, she said. In "One Step Forward", Deborah says her father called her a "W word", Her sister Margaret does the same thing in "Margaret's Story" when her father calls her "the S word", In "The Undersea Twister", Deborah fears that Captain Barnacles might fire her because of their very heated argument the previous night. Barrot and Tunip: ZOOBA ZOOBA! What goes on behind the scenes? Feel better, your crew/friends." Peso quickly bandaged the wound and rushed him to the medical unit of the camp while asking Shellington and the Vegimals to come help him. In "Atlantis: The Lost Octonaut", Sarabi mentions "the time with the skateboard". Of the full-fledged Octonauts, it's Shellington (twenty-one). He wasn't waking up. She will have the babies tomorrow! Tweak is rebuilding the Octo-Repair station. Shellington: Excuse me! They were as bad as the top of them. I shrugged. When Shellington showed his friends that good things just come to them they decided not to work hard anymore.Ever since a couple weeks ago the other crew members have been slacking off. The Junior Officers themselves: Elekai, Kitsune, Lekona, Sarabi, and then Deborah. As of "Heal", Deborah likes to call Shellington "Ollie". Calico Jack blocks Kwazii with his sword. Dashi: Do you need Peso? I felt like I could throw up, but it didn't. Tunip, Barrot, and the Other Vegimals: Zooba Zooba! Dashi put her arm around tweaks shoulders, allowing Tweaks head to rest on her shoulder. Peso: I'll get some baby toys right here! We swept up all the marshmallows, rewired the hot cocoa machine, then headed to the library to do some more research on how to help Dashi. *yawns*" because he felt tired which got everyone else concerned because they said "He didn't even touch his food. (Nobody's POV) Calico Jack takes his sword and air tank, and swims down to the farm. I do not own these characters. As she came into the Launch Bay, her jaw dropped. She was so distraught and her sobs were so long and loud, she didn't hear the Octo-Chute hatch open and someone come through. Inkling: Why yes! It must've been venomous. "Mystery on Daytona Beach" features a panther named Taffy. The only ones who knew were Dashi, Tunip, Kwazii, and Peso. He wanted to get a closer look, so he moved a rock to the side. This work could have adult content. What's wrong? I should've taken into account that you cannot concentrate on anything. Shellington: What? "We are so sorry Tweak. Tweak Bunny: Hi,Cap! When she saw me, she smiled. I felt sick to my stomach, and it throbbed faster. Professor Inkling: As the founder of the octonauts, I am proud to say that Juan and Juliana (Tweak and Captain's kids) will be in octo-training tomorrow! Those are personal! The crew has been slacking off lately leaving only Barnacles working harder. One day, the Octonauts wake up human-but why is Peso so small? When Biscuit followed Kwazii home How will the poor thing function with his new humanoid body? Kwazii: What does that mean? Shellington Sea Otter: Well it doesn't say on your files that you are able to be the justice of the peaceInkling: Those are personalShellington: Not any more[Inkling gasps][Peso whistles]Peso Penguin: Stop fighting, Professor Inkling can be the justice of the peace! And potentially BARNSO; it was n. Completed dashi shellington kwazii +11 more # 11 Octonauts Oneshots by Zoe 7.4K 127 10 A bunch of oneshots I come up with about Octonauts. Deborah and especially Margaret hate their father Humphrey for being a verbally abusive misogynist. All the Junior Officers minus Kitsune. (Translation: How exciting is that?) But they had to get it to the captain by sundown in the next four days or he'll die. It just goes to show you that I can be the Justice of the Peace! {Translation:Here comes Tweak}[Tweak gets to Barnacles]Inkling: Do you Tweak take Barnacles to be your husband? You don't understand your own implications do you? Dashi Dog:Yeah, I guess so. Read to find o After an explosion happened in Shellington's lab. I was in so much pain, I eventually started crying. Peso said, "He is about to die from the poison. Barnacles was always true to his word and gave his crew breaks if they needed it. When the Octonauts became poor, they had to seek for a game called 'Murder Mystery', all of the Octonauts and Vegimals has to play the game in promise for a million doll. We didn't realize that you were staying up so late to clean and fix the Gups. I nodded. The answer is all that happens in this book! Turns out this was not a good idea, as it causes his mental breakdown in "The Swell Shark". Dashi noticed them, and got out of her seat and sat next to me. There will be consequences if you hurt a creature! And dilemma. Shellington: Hi Dashi, want a cookie? HurryJuan Takes The Gup D and Juliana Takes the Gup CPeso: It's hopeless! Whole chunks were missing out of the Gup A and the control panel was waterlogged and falling apart. Almost Sick. The second chapter of my latest Octonauts fanfic, the sequel to Shellington's Big Day. Lekona asking people to settle things over a pint. Colleen laughed. But one day, his lust over grew him, he just simply wants to see his best friends face, no matter how far the fantasies he wants to bring in goes. It was too much work for one person. Tweak waves back and she hides her blushed face with her ears. Juan: What does implications mean? But she has a fever. Tweak Bunny: I'm so sorry Dashi,are you okay? Only Captain Barnacles, Professor Inkling, and Kwazii were there when I tried out. He had extremely dark bags under his eyes and was consistently yawning. The pain medicine wasnt going to wear off for a while. vegimals tweak dashi +9 more # 10 Octo-Oneshots by thethirdweasleytwin 6.3K 229 58 Based on @I'mTheKinderSurprise's story (go read their stories right now, they're amazing) I remembered how afraid I was that Shellington was dead. Peso has! But, Dashi realized as she looked at the chaos in the Launch Bay, Tweak had been holding back, not telling anyone her troubles. I opened it and walked slowly to the kitchen. ", technically, the first chapter, an introduction to the characters, was published in January of that year, but August 15th is when regular chapters began being published. Can he tell them his secret? I just loose motivation and one project and switch to another so uh, yeah. then collapsed only to land hard on the forest floor making his bite wound bleed. I don A bunch of oneshots I come up with about Octonauts. (shakes Barnacles paw)Captain Barnacles: Aww,thanks Kwazii. Tunip: Cheepa Cheepa Bree Bree! When they weren't looking Barnacles snuck out the tent and went after them because they were heading into Golden Snub-Nose Monkey territory. Shellington: Dashi, nooooooo! Other Vegimals: Joppok {Translation: Cool!} Kwazii along with Octo-Agents Pearl and Paani embark on a research mission. I wanted to Dashi to help me back to my room. Thats not why Im here! After a while, the other Octonauts came up, chattering excitedly about their adventures. Her head was burning hot, burning with fever. So he went to get captain Barnacles. "Heal" reveals that Shellington is his surname, and his first name is Oliver. She knew she wouldn't have to worry about anything now. The crew said "Hey Captain! If we had realized""Don't worry about it Cap! And as you said at Captain and Tweak's wedding to me, It says that in your files that you cannnot be the justice of the peace! Though as no no knows, two witches have been born into this world of magic. Being in the same area with your crush often means that its easier to ask them out, especially when the crush likes you back. Inkling: First test! Barnacles: Yes!! I am not afraid of risking my life. [Shellington, Barrot,Tunip, and the other vegimals arrive to see Dashi looking up the weather,and Inkling looking at the map to the cave.] She obviously hadn't been sleeping often, feeling that she needed to do all the work overnight. Then he collapsed with his head throbbing.Tweak rushed into the playroom to see Barnacles and found him laying on the floor exhausted and crying.Then Barnacles sat up with his head buried in his knees. Captian Barnacles: (yawns) Octonauts who sounded the octo alert? I say as I run my fing SEQUEL TO DUPLICITY. Also any incorrect quotes and stuff. CAPTAIN AND TWEAK SITTING IN A TREEK-I-S-S-I-N-G FIRST COMES LOVE AND NOW COMES A RING THEN COMES A BEAUTIFULOCTO-WEDDINGBarnacles & Tweak [laughing]: Kwazii! Barnacles: (growls) Mr. Shark could you please moveShark: Mmmm Lunch is servedBarnacles: Back in the gup! The Captain was standing next to her bed, looking worried. Will it break him, or will he experience what being real is like?-For Captive Captain, Im still working on it. When the crew was on a mission they did nothing but chat leaving Captain Barnacles even more exhausted than he already was from doing all the work on the mission. Tweak is rebuilding the Octo-Repair station. (The next morning)Inkling (while swimming out of the octo-hatch): Good morning Peso! Her name is Nova she is Annie's best friend from primary and guess how the lemon will be. I ship kwazii and peso so much so why not make a fan fic Just some Octonauts drawings and some other things I've done over the past however long I've like the Octonauts. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Tweak: Yes,Cap? They all boarded the Gup Q and entered the caves. I wonder what it is Perhaps a kitten of his own? (All octonauts hear the radio come on)Captain Barnacles: Calling all octonauts! She felt his forehead and quickly removed her paw receiving a 1st- degree burn. This is the story of Carly's first Christmas, let's begin shall we. "thanks" I said shivering. I'm so happy now, but Shellington has a huge hole in his stomach. Tunip and the Vegimals say Zooba Zooba!" It had been a long few weeks and he was extremely exhausted. Calico Jack: Are you sure you want to do this ,Kwazii? That's good news!Congrats to you two! Both Juan and Juilana: Kill it! Shellington: Sure! The Octonauts reminisce about their first day on the job. I rolled over and tried to get back to sleep, but I couldn't. So I turned on my old nintendo, hoping that the noise would wake Kwazii up. Deborah is also the girly girl to Margaret's sporty, outspoken tomboy. this is when Shellington gets nightmares.

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