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how to soften an intense personality Pinelake Church Staff, Articles H
March 19, 2023

how to soften an intense personality

For severe candida and fungi treatment, Hi Linneth, Intense people are usually in a rush. Its also probably true. Youre sincere and unafraid to be yourself. Is envious of others. Latest posts by Lauren Edwards-Fowle, M.Sc., B.Sc. After all, youd rather know the whole truth, even if it hurts. All the other girls were so pretty. If this passion is making marriage difficult, here are some suggestions for balancing it: You might like:15 Best Personality Development Activities for Students. We dont like having big social networks they dilute our intensity too much. When you soften and pause, you notice whats happening in your life without judgement and emotion and you can shift your mindset from fighting what is in front of you to figuring out WHY its happening. So many people (including 'the old me') would react without thinking, instantly moving into the fight or flight fear mentality putting themselves into the victim mode. 5 Traits Of An Emotionally Intense Person 1. And for some, your intensity can make it hard for them to feel relaxed around you. So many people (including the old me) would react without thinking, instantly moving into the fight or flight fear mentality putting themselves into the victim mode. Thanks for your candor! We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land, the Whadjuk people of Noongar Boodjar. You have a built-in radar for the real motives behind someones nice behavior. We only have so much of ourselves to share around and you should surround yourself with people who bring a richness to your life, not leave you feeling drained. They developed a scale for its detection. The intense person resents the very existence of small talk. The thing with dramatic people is that they are well dramatic. Welcome! So you assume others want the same. Feeling bored, irritated, and impatient. Hello Amie thanks for sharing. It doesn't take you long to open up. You enjoy deep chats. Thank you Loren! Being in big groups feels like were half-assing social engagement. Learning Mind 2012-2022 | All Rights Reserved |, 8 Signs You Have an Intense Personality and What It Means, What I Learned from Divorcing a Narcissist: 6 Tips, How to Own Up to Your Mistakes & Why Its So Hard for Most People, 10 Signs of a Superficial Relationship That Is Not Meant to Last, 10 Traits of a Feisty Personality People Often Misunderstand. Describe their mouth, nose, brow, chin and ears. It may have made others more comfortable but I found that being more accep. You love to learn and expand your mind. If you describe an activity as intense, you mean that it is very serious and concentrated, and often . You are purposeful. SO harsh. Over the past 3 years Ive undergone a pelvic surgery, had a stomach ulcer and back and foot pain, all from what doctors conclude is from stress. Youre genuine and unafraid of people seeing you as you are. INTJs are not casual people. You believe 100% of what youre saying and you say it with feeling. Thank for your post on softening ourselves. I believe I have managed this to a degree but still have a ways to go. 17. But right now, I'm dealing with exasperating circumstances in my life that make me boil at times. But your (intense) personality is not YOU, and has no solidity and can absolutely be changed or even dropoed altogether, if you want! Its usually not a cause for concern, although you may need to adjust your parenting approach to better align with your childs intensity. 19 Reasons Why Hes Not Texting You, 89 Happy Sunday Blessings To Wish Those You Care About A Beautiful Day, 21 Soul-Crushing Signs He Is Not The One For You (Even If You Love Him), Guys, Dont Ignore These 17 Signs Of An Emotionally Immature Woman, 31 Ridiculous Things Covert Narcissists Say in an Argument. You like consistency or, rather, you expect it. What you do know is you absolutely hate it when others tell you to lighten up or calm down or chill.. We cogitate on thoughts for hours. Im talking about when someone gets serious all the time. Often overthink things. So, my question to you is what would happen if you stopped fighting everything and started paying attention and getting still and accepting what was going on in your life? Some people just cant stop; they seem to be juggling a million things while you can barely tell Netflix to continue playing.. Like all people, we tend to try to control our own lives, and as you said, respond with a knee-jerk reaction, rather than take the time to breath through the process. Don't bring it up at the end of a long work day (for her). As you can imagine, that behavior isn't always well-received. 10 Tips To Help You Deal With Loss Of Independence, 14 things confident people do (but never talk about), 30 Good Excuses To Get Out Of Something (That Are Believable), 7 Reasons You Hate Socializing (+ How To Approach This Situation), 10 Reasons To Keep Going (Even When You Feel Like Giving Up), 20 Signs You Have An Endearing Personality, Copyright A Conscious Rethink. Take your time getting to know someone, remember to keep making time for the other people and interests that you care about, and enjoy seeing where things go without forcing it. 2. how to soften an intense personality Something within you (we call it the inner wolf), will drive you to go soul searching. She is the author of hundreds of popular articles, as well as numerous books and journals on the topics of Self-Love, Spiritual Awakening, and more. Emotionally intense people have a capacity for compassion, empathy, and sensitivity in relationships, they show strong emotional attachments to people, places, and . Thank you! Watch out for loud, fast talkers who, even if they ask you a question, never seem to draw breath long enough to hear your answer. Learn to defuse your own frustration. Maybe once you were quick to let people in, but early experiences of betrayal or abuse have made you more cautious. Let's look at ways you can soften anger, without turning it against yourself or dumping it on someone else. And they can not use sense even trying. Why? If youre an intense person, you probably have a small circle of people you trust and who love and accept you as you are. You Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve. The reality is that we all have unique characteristics, and none are solely positive or negative. Intense people do not need or even desire an easy route to success. That said, if your intensity is making it hard to be in a relationship, here are some tips on how to balance it: Now that youve learned more about intense personality traits, how many of them resonated with you? Theyre driven by passion, and when they feel passionate about something, they give it their all. It is possible for an individual to become overwhelmed despite their senses. You can look back at it, reread and if you still feel the same anxiety, then confide in a friendmake sure it's in a relaxed environment. Find 79 ways to say INTENSE, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Being a deep thinker doesnt necessarily make you an intense person, but is a sign that you might be one. They offer their help to others readily. While this approach may get the work . We want to spend all day, every day, with our loved ones. And when someone makes you aware of something youve overlooked, you will go overboard in your zeal to learn everything you can. And hours. An Intense Person has Emotional Depth and Passion. ", How to Soften an Intense Personality | 7 Clever Tricks | Learnizia, on How to Soften an Intense Personality | 7 Clever Tricks | Learnizia. Many people with intense personalities have undergone awakenings where they begin to question their choices, seek a higher purpose, and try to find their destiny. One of the most complicated parts about having an intense personality is that many people conflate intense people with intimidating people. If someone is asking for more from a relationship than they are investing back into it emotionally, then you should take a step back from them and question what you are really getting out of it. Youre a creative and complex thinker. Youve come to recognize narcissists and other toxic people and have learned to be careful of whom you confide in. Its something I discovered about myself through getting quiet with myself, meditating more and working with healers to help me find where I was blocking myself and in my own way. Authenticityas you see it manifests as consistency. When a person lives for the drama, it makes it hard to build a solid foundation for any kind of relationship with them. Yet even still, we struggle to stay within those tiny boxes that society tries to stuff us in. Its best to recognize the signs before jumping into a relationship, or even friendship with them. Youre all in, and youd alienate the world to have your friends back. Guess that muscle became stronger because of practice ;). You are unconcerned with what others think of you. You use descriptive language to express your thoughts and feelings with others. I confess, I haven't been a perfect angel. It wont work. That, my friends, is a key step to healing your nervous system and your overall body. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Big hugs love and congrats for taking this step in your journey. I'm not an angry person. I receive a commission if you choose to purchase anything after clicking on them. We have a strong spiritual streak. Were drawn to philosophies and paths that can seem pretty out there to the everyday person. They might not even realize theyre getting too intense and appreciate you being honest with them. We respect all Whadjuk Elders both past and present, and any First Nations people. 1. If its a friendship, try to find an activity you can concentrate on together or simply limit the time you spend with them. Intense, quirky people tend to attract other intense, quirky people. Somatic Bodywork: 7 Types For Deep Healing, 7 Vagus Nerve Exercises For Nervous System Healing, How to Begin a Spiritual Journal (Start Here! You want the fullest possible picture. Talking to an intense person demands a level of concentration and interaction that can be emotionally draining. Feel free to contact me on the contact page of my website. Those who expect you to tone it down 24-7 so they can be more comfortable around you arent going to accept you as you are, anyway. She now volunteers within the community sport sector, helping young people to live healthier, more productive lifestyles and overcome the barriers to inclusion that they face. Learn to Flex. xox. You admit your faults. You need to be able to trust that a person you share a relationship with will be there for you for the small things as well as the big. Being an intense person can be a challenge for friends and partners to understand, and as such intense people usually have a very small social circle of friends they truly trust. Intense people. However, as a parent, you should know that an intense child may just be a child who puts more energy into their feelings and emotions than the people around them. Your powerful thought processes, intuition, and perceptions allow you to see things more quickly and clearly than most. They are keenly aware of their internal world and often have a running mental dialogue with obsessive thought patterns. You have nothing to be ashamed of, anyway. 7.7% of men and 4.8% of women will develop narcissistic personality disorder at some point in their lifetime. Just be honest with yourself and with them if youre finding it too much and try moving on to topics that are less emotionally wearing. I completely agree! As you can imagine, that behavior isnt always well-received. Those lions (stressors) are your emails, your spouse, your inlaws, your health, your kids, travel, etcand anything else that stresses you out during the day. If the abrasive person is your peer you will share how his or her behavior impacts you and request that it stop. Here are signs your personality is so deep and intense that it is intimidating to others. And hours. When a favorite character in a novel or movie dies, you grieve as heart-rendingly as you would for a friend. You expect the same of them. Negative impacts for those with intense personalities include depression, being unable to cope with anxiety and sadness, and obsessive behaviors. oxx. Although you and others can see the beauty and positive qualities of your emotional intensity, there are times when you may want to dial it back or you may need to due to the situation. Can you see why this can be such a precious quality? Far better to have one epic love that lasts a few years at the most than to have a decades-long committed relationship thats comfortable but devoid of passion. Here are a few things you might be wondering: To respond to the following two questions, you may be extra to individuals who are not as intense. You are a thinker who is both inventive and complicated. A lack of consistency makes it difficult (if not impossible) to trust someone. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If youre a person who experiences impassioned, fervent, frenzied, vehement, and agonizingly ardent emotions youre probably an intense person. He was sweating from the intense heat. Someone who I would consider intense would be or do some of the following: talk non stop, not allowing others to talk. If you cant seem to have a normal, emotionally-neutral conversation with them anymore or you feel pressured into sharing when you arent comfortable doing so, its worth addressing this or taking a step back from the situation. So, one question generally leads to ten more. But while having an intense personality might not be approved by society (the scientific name is being extra), its actually a gift in disguise. VitalSal - Qualidade de vida, com o melhor da natureza! I agree. It creates intimacy, trust, and self-awareness. And whats so bad about being a strong-willed personality, anyway? Namaste. Youre a sucker for an epic romance, and you want one of your own. If you have a naturally intense personality, it is up to you how to use this character trait to your advantage. Those who think you need to chill or mellow out arent your people. Start here . You Are Opinionated And Convincing, But Not Arrogant You know your own mind and you aren't easily swayed by others. 25. And having a group of kids together can be tiresome for many even, and maybe especially for, parents (amirite?). Thats a special task, but it can often seem exhausting. 26. Although the passion and curiosity you have remained like that of a child. 7. You may be curious to learn more after dealing with intense personalities at the office or an organization you frequent. We contemplate deep questions, like Why was I born? What happens after I die? Whats the meaning of everything?. An intense person requires a lot of energy and patience to be around. For instance, if we saw a snail crawling across a footpath, we would stop to help it cross. mims sanders obituary; i scammed someone on grailed; shirokiya reopening 2021. palm beach orthopedic institute doctors; nadzab airport redevelopment project I've gotten myself out lots of jams by buckling down and pursuing goals with pure intensity. Comment below! Thanks. And trust me, this isnt something a doctor will tell you to do. It becomes unhealthy when your opponent cant appreciate any other view than their own. Needless to stay I was tough. Dont expect others (even those who love you) to get you all the time. An intense single person will not be looking for a casual lover and will be seeking their soul mate who understands them. Your email address will not be published. I wasnt gentle. 14. They apply the same intensity of emotions to their aspirations, and won't let anything meaningless get in their way. Then you will experience Gods peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. 16. The Psychotherapist Imi Lo defines emotional intensity as a form of neurodiversity that is most often misunderstood by our culture. It means feeling things deeply, ricocheting between highs and lows, and experiencing emotions in profoundly intense ways that other people cannot feel. That is the goal, after all. This post is a 100% christal clear mirror to me. Because you are in fight or flight mode like our ancestors were when they perceived a thread or danger and they had to run from the lion. Here are five things to consider before entering into an intimate relationship with any INTJ: 1. Emotional intensity occurs with people who feel things differently they almost absorb the emotions of the people around them, which helps them feel as if they can relate to others. Back to expectations, you expect those who care about you to give as you give wholeheartedly and with passion. We crave meaningful conversations. Such persons are super emotional, an act of extreme emotions, i.e., they can be super excited. Every few sentences of this article, I would think, yep, thats my daughter. To heal them and to heal myself. When a person has an intense personality, it's often because they're highly sensitive. xox. One of your greatest delights is in learning more about things that matter to you. If youre looking for positives, it means you know what you want and dont want to waste any time. You may ask about kids and marriage on a first date even before the waiter brings drinks to the table. There is only so much you can talk about the same thing with someone, especially if its an interest you dont share. These include being excited, feeling fearful, being happy, and experiencing despair all in quick succession. Your intense personality might make you appear to be standoffish, or a little full-on for some people. It means that you can access areas that those with a soft personality do not have. As long as you arent acting in a disruptive or threatening manner (which does require adjustments), youre not necessarily looking to change. I've met some of my best friends by being intense. [Read More]. We want to help everyone and everything. always be on the go and needs to be busy all the time. These powerful emotions might cause them to feel out of control or entirely overwhelmed. There are four types of people: Alpha individuals, Type A individuals, Type B individuals, and complicated individuals. If you identify as being intense, its important to remember that a lot of people may not know how to handle you. This article reads like someone identifying with some rather maladaptive traits as a way to justify them, thus avoiding the painful personal work required to move past them and operate with more ease. When others find us too extra, dramatic, weird, or fierce, it can feel tempting to play small and hide. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. To inflate his always low sense of self-worth, he competes intensely for attention, affection, and applause.

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